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Riverside AirCarbon Cardholder - Hexa Black


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The world’s first carbon-negative cardholder made with AirCarbon®.

This cardholder was made with AirCarbon Leather

As a result:

.83 kilograms of CO2 equivalents were diverted from the air.


AirCarbon biomaterial born in California

Handcrafted in California

Regenerative, carbon-negative, blockchain-tracked carbon footprint

Matte black, hexagon embossed pattern

Made from AirCarbon Leather: 51% AirCarbon, 14% bio-derived material, and 35% synthetic EVA

4.25 / 2.75 / 0.15 in.

Product carbon-negative and made with AirCarbon; packaging made from 100% recycled materials

Features four card slots and central open pocket

Named after the city in California where AirCarbon was made on land for the first time.

Born & Crafted
in California

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Wipe down with a dry clean microfiber cloth.
Use only mild, non-abravise soap.

For oil or grease stains wipe with a clean, dry cloth and allow the remainder of the stain to absorb into the leather.



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